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Royal Schmidt Seafood Rotterdam

About Schmidt Seafood

Around for more than 100 Years

Our story

Royal Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam has been around for more than 100 years and is a household name in culinary Holland.

From well-known chefs, trendy catering establishments, the supermarket on the corner to cruise ships.

Everyone wants fish from Schmidt Zeevis! That is why we drive no fewer than twenty refrigerated trucks across the country. To you too!

Driven and ambitious

Since its foundation, Schmidt Zeevis has stood for high-quality products.

Both restaurants and private customers nationwide praise our fish.

And ambition and drive pay off: Schmidt Zeevis was consistently in the top 10 of the AD Haringtest, three times in first place with a sublime 10. And we were also awarded the Rotterdam Business Award for 'excellent entrepreneurship and sense of quality'. (in which year?)
Whether it is delivery via our own shop to consumers or delivery to the shipping industry, restaurants and catering companies, Schmidt Zeevis' fish stands for fresh and high quality.

It is not for nothing that our slogan reads:

Fresher fish still swims!

Royal Schmidt Seafood Rotterdam

Only the best is good enough

Society is crying out for sustainability. Fishermen are the first to be held accountable for this. We believe that, as Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam, we must also take responsibility as a link in the fish chain and towards our business relations. We continuously look for sustainable improvement opportunities in all facets of the company. We also work together to improve the image of the fishing industry and spread knowledge about fishing techniques, especially about flyshoot fishing.

Fish sourcing is one of them.

The Dutch supply of fresh fish at fish auctions is as diverse as the fishing techniques used by Dutch fishing vessels. Flyshoot, twinrig, standing rig, line-caught and more.

Thanks to years of experience and knowledge at the fish auctions, Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam knows from which ships to buy the best fish. The ships modernise and fishing techniques are further developed. This is good for the environment, but also often means better quality fish. Only the best fish from the best fishermen is good enough. By buying from fishermen who fish responsibly, we help the fleet innovate towards a sustainable future.

Fish in the seasons

Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam is a great advocate of fish in the seasons and uses its own fish calendar. This calendar is compiled by professionals who work with fish every day and indicates for each type of fish in which month and/or season it is best to eat it.

Traceable, from ship to kitchen

Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam carefully handles the products we buy, process and eventually leave our premises. Our 140 employees are all motivated to deliver top performance every day. We take no chances with food safety and work under the strictest HACCP standards. Every fish that comes in is barcoded and scanned. This keeps it traceable the entire route, from ship to kitchen.

The best fish even better?

Every fish that comes in here passes through our hands. First, to inspect whether the quality meets our high standards, because only the best is good enough for our customers. Next, the fish is cleaned as required; scaled, filleted and portioned. Everything is possible. Not mechanically, but by hand, by trained men and women who understand the trade and appreciate the product.

General Information Schmidt Seafish

List of facts we are proud of

Schmidt Zeevischhandel was founded around 1908 by Granny Schmidt. What is very special is that the company has been in exactly the same location for 100 years. In 2015, Schmidt Seafish moved to the Spanish Polder.

Since 1993, the official company name has been SCHMIDT ZEEVIS ROTTERDAM B.V.
From 2000 to 2012 Schmidt Zeevis was part of the Kennemervisgroep.
Since December 2012, Schmidt Zeevis has been independent again.

There are 6 divisions:

  1. Supplying hotels, restaurants and catering companies, 6 days a week throughout the Netherlands.
  2. Supplying shipchandlers in Rotterdam and Antwerp and supplying cruise ships throughout Europe
  3. Import/export to all continents
  4. Shop, the most beautiful fish shop in Europe
  5. Webshop, Schmidt Zeevis' online fish shop
  6. Wholesale and supplies to self-service wholesalers

Number of staff: 140; all highly motivated and all bilingual: the language of the fishermen and the language of the customer.

Hygiene: The entire company operates under the strictest HACCP & BRC standards. 

Control: Every fish that comes in is scanned and barcoded. This keeps it traceable the whole route, from ship to kitchen

Sustainability: Schmidt Zeevis has passed the Marine Steward Council (MSC) traceability certification process. Products from MSC certified fisheries may be sold by Schmidt Zeevis under the MSC ecolabel, including the MSC certified maatjesharing from the certified fishery Astrid Fiske North Sea Herring.

Procurement: Buyers at all major fish auctions, both domestic and international

Telephone sales: personal until midnight, then answering machine. Also possibility for regular customers to order electronically via the internet.

Floor area: 5800 square metres (fully chilled). Cold store with a capacity of 2 million kilos at -20 degrees Celsius.

Schmidt Seafood won many awards

  • Entrepreneur Award Rotterdam presented by Dr Wisse Dekker, former ceo Philips.
  • Philips Lighting Award, presented by Cor Boonstra
  • 3 times Winner National Herring Test Algemeen Dagblad
  • Municipality of Rotterdam (OBR) sets Schmidt's website as an example for SMEs
  • Winner Rotterdam Entrepreneur Award 2005

Who are we?

Some of our valued colleagues.

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Jos van Vuren | Director
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Royal Schmidt Seafood Rotterdam

Schmidt supplies 133 types of fresh fish

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